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The Estate Sale Professionals Team

Elaine Graham founded Estate Sale Professionals in 2007, but she has more than 25 years of experience in resale. Hundreds of clients have trusted her to liquidate their valued possessions, and customers seek out her organized and fun sales.

In addition to organizing estate sales, Elaine is an entertaining speaker. Invite her to your club or organization to talk about “The Joy of Decluttering!”

Why Purple?

So, people always ask about the purple vans.

A few years ago, Elaine needed a new van for her growing business. She was looking around on an online auction site, and saw a bright purple one. “Perfect!” Elaine thought. Then she bought matching signs, and the distinctive look for Estate Sale Professionals was born.

“Purple is a happy color, and we’re a happy company,” says Elaine of her crew. They’ve worked together and known each other for years. And, don’t they look great in purple?

Ask about our “I’m a Purple Van Fan” t-shirts!

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