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Save the Date(s)!

We’ll have some great sales coming up this spring. Details and photos coming soon, but save these dates!

April 13-14 –  West Knoxville Premium Sale

April 20-21  – Warehouse Sale and it’s PACKED.

April 22. – Sunday Blow out Sale! NOTHING is priced, nothing staged! Come and make us a deal.

April 27-28 – Maryville Sale. Beautiful one story condo with gorgeous furnishings.

May – Oak Ridge Sale, west end, filled with goodies from the past!

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It’s not always about the stuff

It’s not always about the “stuff,” ya know.

I went to meet “Mark.” He had explained on the phone that he had lost is wife of 44 years to cancer two years before…And had only been back to the house twice since that time. Very personable is the first impression I received from him. And my nose smelled liquor on his breath.

The home was a wreck. As we walked through the home, I asked questions as to his history….. How long were you married, did you have children, where did you work, etc… And the only thing I remember was that he spoke of how he had taken care of her in her last 7 years! And my next step and the next was respect for this gentle man. I no longer saw the mess, couldn’t smell the years of neglect… I only felt the love this man had for his wife no longer here. The broken spirit, the struggle to keep going…

So before we judge, we should think of someone else’s journey…

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