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Making a transition? We can help.

If you're dealing with the death of a loved one, down-sizing, divorcing, selling off a business, or just decluttering, working with Estate Sale Professionals can help you get the maximum value for your cherished possessions. Estate Sale Professionals serves the Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Maryville and East Tennessee region.

We treat our clients' possessions with the highest respect, creating each sale to be organized, interesting and fun. That's why we have dozens of customers who look for our upcoming sales, and clients who offer wonderful references.  

Having an estate sale? Hire a professional.

Some people wonder why they shouldn't just have their own yard sale to liquidate an estate. Yes, you could do that. But it's exhausting. The sheer volume of most estates is large enough to mean hundreds of hours of work in organizing a sale. There are family feelings involved. And finally, you might not know what your items are worth in fair market value. At Estate Sale Professionals, we research what your items are worth online and in the local market. We organize your sale in an attractive way that will help customers see what they want. And, we market aggressively to attract a large crowd. All at no up-front cost to you, since we work on commission. Read what our customers say. 

Coming to a sale? What to expect.

If you're looking for vintage furniture, retro collectibles, mid-century modern art or just useful household items, you can't find a better place than a sale offered by Estate Sale Professionals. Our sales are offered throughout the Knoxville, Oak Ridge and East Tennessee region. With the Baby Boom generation retiring and downsizing, the time is ripe for all you pickers! Whether you're interested in repurposing old furniture, finding kitschy art, or just in need of household tools, you'll find them at our upcoming sales. Join our email list and never miss one. It's more fun than anybody should have on a weekend! 

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